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1 CHM3120L Spring 2011 Laboratory notebook guidelines General guidelines: You will need a permanently bound lab notebook with duplicate (carbon copy) pages. Pages should be numbered. Tearing pages off is not allowed. If a correction needs to be made, cross out the wrong section with a single horizontal or diagonal line, initial and date. Then write your corrections nearby or underneath. Write only with a pen, never use pencils. Neatness and clarity are essential; everything in the notebook should be easily readable. If your TA cannot read your notes, you will receive a reduced lab notebook grade at the end of the semester. Leave a page or two in the beginning of the notebook for the table of contents. The table of contents should have the course title, and the list of all labs with starting pages for each. Start every lab on a new page. Each experiment should include: 1. Date 2. Name of the experiment 3. Goal of the experiment 4. Experimental outline 5. List of glassware 6. List of chemicals 7. Safety notes 8. Data and observations Sections 1 to 6 constitute your prelab assignment and are due at the beginning of each lab. Sections 7 and 8 should be completed during the lab. Goal of the experiment is a concise (1 2 complete sentences) statement of the purpose of the experiment. Even though your main goal in this course is to learn various laboratory techniques, please do not include such statements as “The goal of this experiment is to learn how to use a buret.” Instead, a sentence like “The goal of this experiment is to calibrate a buret and determine the concentration of an unknown acid sample by titration with the 0.1M standard NaOH solution” would be a good statement of the goal. Hint: in analytical chemistry a goal of an experiment very often is determination of either the nature or quantity of an unknown sample. Even though a goal statement is a very generalized description of an experiment, please also be as specific as possible, including the most
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Lab_notebook_guidelines(1) - 1 CHM3120L Spring 2011...

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