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1120-syllabus_Spring_12 - Sv Italian 1120 Elementary...

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Sv 8/24/11 Italian 1120 Elementary Italian Spring 2012 Instructor Danila Coppola Where: BEL 108 When: MTWRF 2:30pm – 3:20pm Contact info: [email protected] Office hours: DIF 220 M W F 12:20pm – 1:00pm Italian 1120 is the first of a three-semester sequence of courses designed for students with no prior knowledge of Italian or who have studied Italian for less than one year in high school. If you have previous knowledge of Italian, you can ask to take a placement test with Professor Valisa, DIF 352, [email protected] Objectives & Goals: In this course you will begin to develop basic communicative skills in Italian and use those skills to expand your knowledge of Italian culture. By the end of the course you will be able to formulate complete sentences in basic Italian about a variety of topics, including your daily activities, university life, shopping, family and food. You will also be able to understand basic dialogues in Italian and to write short compositions. Units covered in the Textbook: from Unità preliminare to Unità 4 included General information: in order to maximize your exposure to the target language, Instructors follow the policy of no English in class for themselves. It is up to you to seek clarification and raise your hand if you don’t understand something. Within about a
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Sv 8/24/11 week, you should be familiar with class format and daily expectations. Furthermore, you are expected to come prepared to participate and to contribute, and in the process are expected to be respectful to your peers and assist in the establishment and maintenance of a positive learning environment. The use of cell phones and other electronic communication devices is prohibited during class time . Using them will automatically lower your participation grade for the day. In addition, your instructor reserves the right to prohibit behaviors that she or he deems inappropriate (e. g., eating during class and so forth). ATTENDANCE AND PARTICIPATION POLICY In order to meet the course goals and objectives, you must attend and actively participate in class. Participation is a very important component of your grade, and each day your instructor will make a mark in her/his grade book regarding your participation and will assign you a weekly grade. If you miss class, no participation points can be awarded that day. There is NO make up for participation. Therefore, do not bring written excuses to your instructor. In order to account for University recognized religious holidays, sudden emergencies and illness, at the end of the semester your lowest weekly participation grade will not count toward your final grade. However, if you miss more than 4 days of class, your total final grade will drop of 1 point for each subsequent absence (a 90 will become an 89, etc).
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