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Classwork 1 BB

Classwork 1 BB - Classwork 1(Chapters 1 8 Chapters 2 Name...

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Unformatted text preview: Classwork 1 (Chapters 1 8: Chapters 2) Name MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. Determine whether the evaluated group is a population or a sample. 1) The average age of 45 employees of a large company is found to be 32 years. A) Sample B) Population Determine Whether the given value is a sample statistic or a population parameter. 2) A sample of 120 employees of a company is selected, and the average age is found to be 37 years. A) Population parameter B) Sample statistic Answer the question. 3) Following the Republican National Convention, a poll of 900 voters in a Central Illinois community showed that 64% expected the Republican ticket to win over the Democrat ticket no matter whom the Democrats chose for vice—president. The margin of error was 4 percentage points. There are 25,000 registered voters in the community. What is the range likely to contain the population parameter? A) 15,000 to 17,000 B) 540 to 612 C) 24,100 to 25,900 D) 60% to 68% Provide an appropriate response. 4) A poll of 700 persons attending the Taste of Chicago showed that 455 persons, 65% of the sample, believed that the food was overpriced. It is estimated that 1,250,000 persons attend the Taste. Statistics suggest that, although 65% of attendees, with a margin of error of 5 percentage points, believe that the food is overpriced, the Taste is a popular event. The raw data of the study is A) 1,250,000 persons, 700 persons, 455 persons. B) the margin of error, 5 percentage points. C) 65% of the sample. D) the individual responses to the question. 5) A student wanted to know the favorite lunch at a large high school with a closed campus. What is the first step in conducting a statistical study to answer the question? A) State the goal of the study precisely. B) Select a random sample of students and teachers. C) Select a random sample of students. D) Select a random sample of teachers. Determine whether the statement is based on census data or sample data. 6) Among 50 of the 302 patients admitted to an emergency room during one month, 28% had no health insurance. ' A) Sample data B) Census data Answer the question. _ 7) A researcher wants to determine the status of the electorate one month before the presidential election. Select the sample most likely to produce biased data. A) A random group of 30 persons in the phone book B) A group of 30 persons from the researcher's church who voted in the last election C) A group of 30 persons on the voter registration list D) A group of 30 persons contacted by phone with the numbers randomly chosen numbers 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Identify which of these types of sampling is used: random, stratified, systematic, cluster, convenience. 8) 49, 34, and 48 students are selected from the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes with 496, 348, 8) and 481 students respectively. A) Convenience B) Random C) Stratified D) Systematic E) Cluster Is the study experimental or observational? 9) A marketing firm does a survey to find out how many people use a product. Of the one hundred 9) people contacted, fifteen said they use the product. A) Observational B) Experimental Identify the variable of interest in the study. 10) A clinic gives a drug to a group of ten patients and a placebo to another group of ten patients to 10) find out if the drug has an effect on the patients illness. A) Whether the placebo effects the patients' illness B) The group of 10 patients C) Whether the drug has an effect on the patients' illness __ Determine whether the data described are qualitative or quantitative and give their level of measurement. If the data are quantitative, state whether thay are continuous or discrete. 11) The number of inches of rain in a month 11) A) Quantitative, ratio, discrete B) Quantitative, interval, continuous C) Qualitative, ratio, continuous D) Quantitative, ratio, continuous 12) Soft drink sizes: small, medium, large 12) A) Qualitative, ordinal B) Qualitative, nominal C) Quantitative, ordinal, discrete D) Quantitative, ordinal Provide an appropriate response. 13) A digital scale reads 0.01 g when it is empty. Identify the potential error in the measurements made 13) on this scale as random or systematic. A) Systematic B) Random Answer the question. 14) The results of a poll are stated as follows: "Based on a survey of 156 randomly selected students, 14) 90% of the student body of 2870 students agree that no student should have to take final exams in two consecutive exam periods." If 2578 students actually agree, then what is the absolute error in the reported result? A) 2714 students B) 5 students C) 0.17% D) 10% Provide an appropriate response. 15) According to a specification, the nominal length of a particular manufactured part is 5.4523 cm. 15) Quality control randomly selects four of the parts, and the lengths are measured by four different quality control technicians. The measurements are 5.3234 cm, 5.11259 cm, 5.351 cm, and 5.45 cm. Which measurement is the most precise? A) 5.11259 B) 5.45 C) 5.3234 D) 5.351 Perform the requested conversion. 16) Convert % to decimal form. A) 1.25 B) 2.5 C) 0.125 D) 12.5 17) Convert —0.83 to a percent. ‘, A) 0.83% B) —83% C) —8.3% D) —0.0083% Fill in the blank. Explain your reasoning. 18) If a motorcycle weighs 45% less than a car, then the motorcycle's weight is % of the car's weight. A) 45%; The motorcycle weighs 45% of the car's weight. B) -45%; The motorcycle weighs —45% of the car's weight. C) 55%; The motorcycle weighs 100% of the car's weight minus 45% of the car's weight. D) 145%; The motorcycle weighs 100% of the car's weight plus another 45%. 16) 17) 18) ...
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