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ACC 333 (Farrell) Class 28 Fall 2011 Page 1 of 1 Case Assignment - Freemark Abbey Winery Assignment 1) Draw the full decision tree for the “harvest” or “don’t harvest” decision, absent the availability of any further information. Hints: o Outcomes must be based on total revenue (NOT revenue per bottle or per case). o You will need to make an assumption about the number of cases of Riesling that Freemark Abbey will be able to produce if Mr. Jaeger does not harvest the grapes and the storm hits. In other words, think about what happens to the grapes if he does not harvest and the storm hits. o Assume there will not be any crop damage if the storm hits. o Be sure to take into account any factors that have not quantified when folding back the tree and arriving at a decision strategy. a) Assuming Mr. Jaeger chooses to harvest the Riesling grapes before the storm arrives, how much money will he make? b)
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