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ACC 333 (Farrell) Classes 30 and 31 Fall 2011 Page 1 of 4 Field Research Project Assignment Your group will develop a proposal for a hypothetical fundraising event for a not-for-profit organization in the region. The event itself must be held in the Oxford area and must be developed for one of the not-for-profit organizations listed in the attached Appendix. Your goal for the event is to end up with a net profit of $5,000 or more that can be donated to the organization. You will prepare a proposal that includes a thorough discussion and analysis of each of the following: 1) Description of not-for-profit organization and its goals 2) Type of fundraiser 3) Location of fundraiser 4) Targeted audience(s) 5) Marketing/promotional plan 6) Pricing strategy (i.e., how you came up with the amount(s) you’ll charge those who attend your event, why those amounts are reasonable, and support for each source of revenue) 7) Detailed revenue and cost analysis (i.e., how you came up with estimates for each revenue and cost line item, with support for each) 8) Cost-Volume-Profit analyses (each with a break-even computation) for three scenarios: o Expected scenario o Pessimistic scenario o Optimistic scenario You may consider including in your proposal possible donated funding from other area businesses and organizations that have a history of supporting events of this nature in the Oxford, in an effort to offset event expenses. Requirements Choice of not-for-profit organization Each group across all of Professor Farrell’s ACC 333 sections must select a different not-for-profit organization for which to develop a fundraiser (about 12-16 groups). The choice is first come, first served. Thus, it’s in your best interest to make this decision as soon as possible to insure your groups get the organization of your choice. To choose the organization, no later than Tuesday, September 20 th , one of your group members must e-mail Professor Farrell ([email protected]) with the following information: section, group number, and group member names first, second and third choices of organizations (in that order), from those listed in the attached Appendix Professor Farrell will reply to your e-mail to let you know which organization you can proceed with, or will ask you to choose again if all organizations you listed have already been selected by other groups.
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ACC 333 (Farrell) Classes 30 and 31 Fall 2011 Page 2 of 4 Interim report Professor Farrell needs to approve of the type of fundraiser you’ll have. As such, a bullet-point summary of the
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30and31_FieldResearchProjectAssignment_Fundraiser - ACC...

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