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GuideToPreparingCaseAssignments - ACC 333(Farrell GUIDE TO...

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ACC 333 (Farrell) Page 1 of 3 GUIDE TO PREPARING CASE ASSIGNMENTS Why are we using cases? The scenarios are relevant and practical decision problems (and often real!). They develop an important skill – analyzing ambiguous situations and developing solutions. They help you learn: o By applying theory to practice rather than by memorizing. o By doing. o From the experiences of others. How will we use cases? Individual o You’ll read the case & background readings, think about the issues, and prepare recommendations. Small groups o Same as individual, but you’ll also help each other understand the issues. Case discussion with entire class o We’ll share ideas with the entire class. o At the end of the class session, you should ask yourself: What did I miss? What would I do differently if I had to do it again? How can we improve our small group discussions?
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ACC 333 (Farrell) Page 2 of 3 What are the steps in the case analysis process?
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