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polisci 2 sources

polisci 2 sources - Democracies Reconsidered Annual Review...

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Volume 1, Number 1, Winter 1990 E-ISSN: 1086-3214 Print ISSN: 1045-5736 The Perils of Presidentialism Linz, Juan J. (Juan José), 1926- Journal of Democracy, Volume 1, Number 1, Winter 1990, pp. 51-69 (Article) Comparing Democratic Systems Horowitz, Donald L. Journal of Democracy, Volume 1, Number 4, Fall 1990, pp. 73-79 (Article) Journal of Democracy 7.1 (1996) 39-55 What Makes Democracies Endure?* DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS AND REGIME SURVIVAL: Parliamentary and Presidential
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Unformatted text preview: Democracies Reconsidered Annual Review of Political Science Vol. 5: 151-179 (Volume publication date June 2002) DOI: 10.1146/annurev.polisci.5.102301.084508 José Antonio Cheibub1 and Fernando Limongi2 Robert Elgie Political Studies Models of executive politics Volume 45, Issue 2, Article first published online: 27 FEB 2002 Comparative presidencies: The inadequacy of the presidential, semi-presidential and parliamentary distinction ALAN SIAROFF European Journal of Political Research Volume 42, Issue 3, pages 287–312, May 2003...
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