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Political Science 1st midterm

Political Science 1st midterm - Political Science midterm...

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Political Science midterm Essay questions 1.) Does complete reliance on Mills method limit one’s ability to draw valid inferences about the political world? If not, why not? If so, what other tool(s) does one need to employ in order to construct and test casual theories? (pg 28) Yes, compete reliance on Mill’s Method limits ones ability. Tools that can be used are, A probabilistic approach (one that influences the probability of a specific outcome) and interaction effect (occurs when the effect of one variable on an outcome depends on the value of another) Mill’s method of agreement- compares cases that “agree” in regard to the outcome to be explained. Method of difference- compares that “differ” in regard to the outcome to be explained. Very specific assumptions must be met to draw valid inferences like: all possible causes must be identified and there can be only one cause of the outcome 2.) What does it mean to be a weak state, and what separates a weak state from a failed state?
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