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Crime and delenquency notes

Crime and delenquency notes - Three Kinds of law 1)Federal...

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Three Kinds of law 1.)Federal 2.)State 3.)City Student Types of Law Criminal, Civil, Regulatory/Administrative (EPA,SEC,FDA) Regulatory may lead to criminal or civil. Hybrid Mental health law Juvenile/ family court (divorce separation) Military Native American Law Ordinances Each city/town can enforce their own State or Federal System What is being protected? Person (murder, assault...etc.) Property (ID theft, larceny, burglary ...etc.) Friday, January 21, 2011 What is protected?
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Crimes Against Person Stalking sexual harassment kidnap 1.) Lindbergh or ransom kidnapping extracting money 2.) kidnap for other then money (mothers who cant give birth) 3.) Hostage 4.) parents take kids 5.) Kidnapping with intent to commit future felony (rape, murder.. etc.) Crimes against Self Drugs (street) Legal Drugs Alcohol limits by age Seat belt laws Helmet law Suicide 1.) assisted suicide 2.) euthanasia Public Safety / Public Order drugs and alcohol vagrancy (potential crime) disturbing the peace
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