Marie Angelique

Marie Angelique - Hanging of Angelique...

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Hanging of Angelique Bio info June 21, 1734 at 7am judgement was pronounced on Marie-Joseph Angelique. Slave to Madame Therese de Couagne de Francheville Pierre Raimbault was the judge, Charles -Rene Gaudron was the notary. They were sent to question her and get a confession and names of accompleses Mathieu Leveille ( the hangman and torturer accompanied Raimbault and Gaudron) Joseph Benoit (physician also accompanied Raimbault and Gaurdon) Marie was 29 born in portugal Her sentence was to be tortured, hanged then burned. She was tortured using the boots. Planks on each side of the shin and wedges placed between the planks and shin. White lover named Claude Thibault Fire and theft Saturday April 10, 1734 an unusually mild spring day . Evening prayer had just ended . A fire erupted on the south side of rue Saint-Paul and was spreading east of rue Saint-Joseph (rue Saint- Sulpice) People with their belongings sought refuge at Hotel-Dieu, but the fire soon made its way across rue Saint-Paul and set the hospital on fire. Despite the presence of soldiers "people arriving from the suburbs
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Marie Angelique - Hanging of Angelique...

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