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Montreal Brochure - Montreal Tour Brochure Outline Section...

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Unformatted text preview: Montreal Tour Brochure Outline Section 1.) Imagine the snow covered streets of Montreal, Canada. Not the bustling democratically diverse metropolis you know it as today, but eighteenth century Montreal. A city in which French aristocracy and authoritarianism reigned. The streets would reek of human and animal waste, mixed with freshly butchered meat. Chimneys of each home would be exhaling into the open sky as they breathe life into stone and wooden homes. The sounds of hammers and chisels would be screaming in the background, in a seemingly endless attempt to satisfy the city’s constant appetite for expansion. The crisp cold air of early spring would be biting at your nose and slapping your cheeks every time a fresh arctic breeze whispered to the city. You have probably read about the inhumanity of slavery or the injustices endured by Indians. Now you have an unprecedented opportunity to experience it first hand as it happens in front of your eyes! You will get to experience life as one of Montreal’s own citizens in the 1730’s. The Southern Methodist University physics department has discovered a way to recognize and to alter time and space. This concept was a mere sci-fi fantasy in the late twentieth century, a alter time and space....
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Montreal Brochure - Montreal Tour Brochure Outline Section...

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