Oceanography - What is an ocean and where did it come from?...

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What is an ocean and where did it come from? Hypothesis -sort observations to reveal predictions, they predict outcomes. Theory - a well substantiated explanation of some aspect of nature. Law - thought to be truth . A single contradiction invalidates the law. Big Bang 13.7 bill yrs. soon after the universe was extremely hot and dense Made up of plasma of photons, protons and neutrons The protons and neutrons made hydrogen and some helium. other elements made later in interior stars Cosmic microwave background photons decoupled from the matter creating a radiation in all directions cooled to 2.7 K with expansion, increasing its wavelength majority is presently in the microwave radiation band (visible light is short wavelength - microwaves are larger) Red Shift violet blue green yellow red ultra violet- short wavelength infrared- long wavelength galaxies produced about 1 bill yr. after big bang galaxies are moving apart (the universe is expanding) 50 billion galaxies Galaxies - huge rotating aggregates of stars, dust, gas and other debris held together by gravity. our sun is a spiral galaxy = milky way galaxy Flattened disk 1,000 light yrs. thick and 100,000 yrs. in diameter
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200 billion stars in the milky way our solar system 3/4 of the way from the center in Orion arm Orbits Milky Way core (black hole) every 230 million yrs. Black hole- is a region of space time nothing can escape, even light. when a large star has burnt all its fuel it explodes into a supernova the stuff left collapses down to an extremely dense object known as a neutron star Solar system formation
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Oceanography - What is an ocean and where did it come from?...

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