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Biol200 Wi12 Practice1 - Biology 200 Winter 2012 Practice...

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Biology 200 Winter 2012 Practice Exam 1 Notes: A suggestion for how long an answer I am looking for is found at the end of each relevant question. In some cases 1 sentence could actually be one or a few words. Try to take this exam in 50 min – it is about the same length as the real exam. Good luck! 1 (5 pts) Provide the chemical formula for stable gases made by combining each of the following atoms (Oxygen is shown as an example): 2 (4pts) What is a buffer? Why does buffering capacity depend on the buffer concentration (~2 sentences). 3 (4 pts) Many biological structures are composed of smaller units assembled into more complex structures, and having functions based on their structural organization. For enzymes, describe the smaller units, how they are assembled into the larger structures, and one major function of these larger, organized structures (2-3 sentences). Oxygen (O) O 2 Neon (Ne) Chlorine (Cl) Nitrogen (N) Fluorine (F) Argon (Ar)
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Practice Exam 1 Page 2 4 (9 pts) Using the list below, describe the position (i.e., within the protein core or on the surface ) of the amino- and carboxy-terminal ends of the proteins shown below when these proteins form a multimer in an aqueous solution. In addition, indicate whether the protein has the potential (yes/no) for forming intramolecular and/or intermolecular disulfide linkages. Nonpolar Amino Acids (hydrophobic)
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Biol200 Wi12 Practice1 - Biology 200 Winter 2012 Practice...

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