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prelab 3 - you begin the lab d Answer the following...

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Chemtstry 241A Prelab Checklisf l-ab 3 Lab I Winter 2012 Name ig;''4ttlIo."V A-Ud'rS rii - ( First I d Bring all required lab supplies. (goggles, lab coat, lab notebook, ball-point pen). tr Before lab read [ab 3 procedure below and PLKE pages 37-39,454-459,677-688. tl Watch these YouT[be video concerning separatory funnels and acid-base extractions: htto ://www.yourube.corn/watch?v=3CYXwSIklgc&NR=1 http ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pDoaCb s5fO&NR= 1 r htto://www.voutube.conr/watch?v=SOufcF3HXEl&NR=1 f - d Make sure you arrive in lab on time. If you are 30 minutes late to thts lab you will not be allowed to perform the lab. n Writs a prelab for this experiment in your liab notebook, carbonless copies of those pages and turn it in to yoru TA at the beginning of lab. Prelab carbonless copies must be tumed
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Unformatted text preview: you begin the lab. d Answer the following questions and turn in this sheet at ttre beginning of lab. 1. (2 pts) The pKa of benzoic acid is 4.2. Dr:iw main organic compouds present at pH 2, pH 4.2 and pH 12.-.1 ry"o.'ry"ot benzoic acid benzoate ion oH2 oH4.2 ..?o rl oH12 d*"n t 6--\ ry-* ry*t aniline anilinium ion 4 (1 p0 At which of the above pHs is aniline most soluble in \7 1) 2. (lpts) At which of the above pHs is benzoic acid most soluble in organic solvent? 3. (2 pts) Aniline is the simplest aromatic amine. The pKa of the anilinium ion (the protonated forrt of anitinel is 4.6. Draw the ionization state of nniline (notonated, deprotonated, or a mix) at pH 1, 4.6, and 14. nHl nH4.6 < i nH 14 rut{.-'Ft 1Q'*t' Nil 1"', organic solvent? ll1 [email protected] u Page 28...
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