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General Notes Knowing statistics by numbers is not necessary, but do know the significance of the pathogens covered in terms of their relative burden on human populations (for example, it is not necessary to know that influenza infections are responsible for ~200,000 hospitalizations each year, at a cost of ~$80 billion; but do know that the common cold is the most common human infectious disease, or that the causative agent of tuberculosis is the human pathogen with highest prevalence) Know mode of transmission and reservoirs for all pathogens that were discussed in detail For viral pathogens, know the type of nucleic acid in their genome; the polarity (in the case of single stranded genomes) is not necessary to know Where relevant, know whether a vaccine exists against the pathogen in question. It is not necessary to know the type of vaccine in each particular case (e.g., know that a vaccine is available against the predominant circulating seasonal strains of influenza, whereas no vaccine exists against the common cold; however, don't worry about knowing whether the influenza vaccine is live- attenuated or inactivated or subparticle) Host-microbe interactions 1 (Lecture 19) 1. The human microbial ecosystem: a. Microbiota vs. Microbiome b. Co-evolution of humans and their microbiota What do convergence in the human phylogenetic tree, and those of the associated microbiota, say about the stability our the human microbiota c. Concepts: symbiosis/symbiont, dysbiosis, pathobiont, pathogen d. Examples of conditions associated with imbalances of the normal microbiota (note that association does not imply causation): i. Dental caries ii. Obesity
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Micro301_Exam3_2011_StudyGuide - General Notes Knowing...

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