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Page 1 of 11 Name and ID: Anders Conway Quiz Section: AC Lab Partner: Jordan Cox Grading: 60 pts. (Lab notebook pages are worth 5 pts - total for report and notebook is 65 pts) Experiment 2: Chemical Kinetics Part I: A Clock Reaction Part II: Crystal Violet-Hydroxide Reaction Note: All sections of this report must be typed. By signing below, you certify that you have not falsified data, that you have not plagiarized any part of this lab report, and that all calculations and responses other than the reporting of raw data are your own independent work. Failure to sign this declaration will cost you 5 points. Signature: Purpose and Method Part I: Clock Reaction (3 pts) (purpose, reactions/rate law, method) The purpose of part one is practice the determination of the order of the reaction with respect to each reagent, the rate constant and the activation energy through experimentation by the method of initial rates. We will also add a catalyst and observe its effect on the rate constant and activation energy. We will observe and evaluate the
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