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Crystal Jenkins There are many types of CPU’s, which include single and multi-core. A single-core processor has only one core, so it can only start one operation at a time. In some situations, it can start a new operation before the previous one is complete. In the beginning all processors were single core. Multicore processors were introduced later. "Single core" comes from a processor that has one single processing unit. This term goes for every CPU from the early 8086 up to the Athlon 64 and Intel Pentium 4. Driving a single core processor to high clock speeds may deliver high performance for a single application, but the processor can only work on one task (thread) at a time. Single core CPU running at 3.4 GHZ for $100 will outperform $1000 quad core where each of the cores run at 2.4 GHZ. (Svajcik, 2007) The multi-core CPU lets manufacturers put more than one core on a single silicon die. The Quad core puts four cores and their cache memory onto a single die, and
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