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Assignment 3 - compared to asynchronous cancellation 6 What...

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CGS 3763 Homework #3 1. Why should a web server not run as a single-threaded process? 2. List the four major categories of the benefits of multithreaded programming. Briefly explain each. 3. What are the two different ways in which a thread library could be implemented? 4. Some UNIX systems have two versions of fork() . Describe the function of each version, as well as how to decide which version to use. 5. How can deferred cancellation ensure that thread termination occurs in an orderly manner as
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Unformatted text preview: compared to asynchronous cancellation? 6. What is a thread pool and why is it used? 7. In Windows XP, what are the general components of a thread? 8. Describe the difference between the fork() and clone() Linux system calls. 9. Multicore systems present certain challenges for multithreaded programming. Briefly describe these challenges....
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