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1 GEOLOGY 20 - LECTURE 3 - DEEP TIME (Ch. 3 in Harden - read selectively!) Geologic Time (aka “Deep Time”) Key events in the history of Earth . . . . you don’t need to memorize the following information. You only need to memorize a few key dates and time periods - see chart on p.43 in Harden textbook or the time scale I put on smartsite or go to http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/help/timeform.html 4.6 b.y.a. (billion years ago) - birth of the solar system and Earth, based on the ages of certain meteorites (meteorites are rocky remnants of the original solar material that never became part of the sun, a planet or a moon) 4.0 b.y. - oldest rocks recognized on Earth 3.7 b.y. - oldest recognizable single-celled bacteria fossils 1.7 b.y. - oldest rocks in California 1.5 b.y. - oldest recognizable single-celled organisms with nuclei 1.0 b.y. - origin of sexual reproduction 700 m.y.a. (million years ago) - first multi-celled animals Up to this point in time, California is unrecognizable as a geographic entity - what we would today call eastern California is under a shallow sea and the rest of California does not exist (the rocks that comprise most of California haven’t even formed yet) - the shoreline of the North American continent is over in Utah and Arizona
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_03_DeepTime - GEOLOGY 20 LECTURE 3 DEEP TIME(Ch 3 in...

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