Assignment2-1 - the not operator applies only to x 1...

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CGS 3269 Computer Architecture Concepts Summer 2011 Assignment #2 Due: 06/29/11 at 11:59 PM Homework submitting instructions: (i) Late submission: If an assignment is less than 24 hours late, a 10% penalty will be assessed. If an assignment is in between 24 and 48 hours late, a 25% penalty will be assessed. Assignments will not be accepted beyond 48 hours after the due date. (ii) Acceptable file formats: .doc, .docx or .pdf file (iii) The file name should be yourlastname_yourfirstname_HW3 (iv)Include your Full Name and your PID at the top of your document. “ ' ” means NOT, when it is in this form:(yz)' it means that the not operator applies to everything in the parentheses(meaning you have a bar on top of the whole content in the parentheses); when it is in this form: x' it means that
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Unformatted text preview: the not operator applies only to x. 1. Construct a truth table for the following: a. xyz + x(yz)' + (xyz)' b. (x + y)(x + z)(x' + z) 2. Draw the combinational circuit that directly implements the Boolean expression: F (x,y,z)= x'yz + yz + xy' 3. Find the truth table that describes the following circuit: 4. Show how you derived the answer. a) How many inputs does a decoder have if it has 32 outputs? b) How many control lines does a multiplexer have if it has 16 inputs? 5. a) Explain the differences between an SR flip-flop and a JK flip-flop. b) What do they have in common? c) What is the D flip-flop used for?...
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Assignment2-1 - the not operator applies only to x 1...

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