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Part 1 : "People think the codes are intended to eliminate damage. They aren't," said Tom Rockwell, a professor of geological sciences at San Diego State University. "They're meant to mitigate collapse and death. If we have a large earthquake, there will be damage. The hope is that it will not be deadly or catastrophic." Part 2 : Part 3: “Since the Northridge Earthquake here in 1994, the percentage of people with earthquake
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Unformatted text preview: insurance has dropped from 30 percent to 12.5 percent,” says Moraga. And a 2006 audit and poll of insurance showed that 31 percent of Californians thought they had earthquake insurance, when the actual amount was only 13 percent. -Wood, Daniel B. and Pete Moraga. “Chile earthquake: How California would fare.” Christian Science Monitor 01 Mar 2010: n. pag. Newsbank. Web. 07 Mar 2010....
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