HW 7 - have to submit the homework with the assignments...

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HW 7 Write a program that will help an elementary school student learn multiplication. Use the rand function to produce two postive one-digit integers. It should then type a question such as: How much is 6 times 7? (Of course each time the numbers will be different) The student then types the answer. If the answer is correct then display "Very Good", if wrong then display "No, please try again". Let the student try the same question again repeatedly until it finally gets it right. HW 8 Create a program that uses 2 functions one called scalarMultiply and the other displayMatrix. Both functions will work with arrays. The function main will call scalarMultiply to multiply a number to each element of the array (matrix). The function of displayMatrix will be to display each element of the matrix. In main you should invoke the displayMatrix function 2 times one before and one after the scalar multiplication. We will use next week to work on that program. I will not accept late programs this time and you
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Unformatted text preview: have to submit the homework with the assignments icon (NO emails). HW 9 Write a function or functions and modify the program that that you did on homework 7. By using the rand function you will generate in this case the following responses to a correct answer: Very Good! Excellent! Nice Work! Keep up the good work! for an incorrect answer these will be the answers: No, please try again. Wrong, try once more. Don't give up. No, keep trying. HW 11 You will write a program that will compute the area of the following geometric figures : rectangle, square, circle, trapezoid, parallelogram and triangle. For each geometric figure you will write a function that will calculate and return the area. You will pass the necessary values to compute the area and the function will return the result. You will prompt the user to select which area he/she wants to calculate. After that you will prompt if another computation is necessary....
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HW 7 - have to submit the homework with the assignments...

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