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What does collaboration mean to you? How might collaboration foster learning? Collaboration means to work together, even if you have to work with an enemy or somebody you don’t like. Collaboration could foster learning if there's a topic that you really don’t know anything about, your partner might be well knowledgeable on that specific topic, or the other way around. What did you learn about yourself from the Discovery Wheel and Develop Your Multiple Intelligences exercises in the text? How might you use this information in your Learning Team? I learned that my “Reading” is not the lowest that I scored on, surprisingly, my lowest was “Memory” which I know is pretty bad since I can barely remember yesterday. I scored highest on “Purpose”. As for my “Multiple Intelligences”, I had 6 types of intelligences for possible characteristics and possible learning strategies and a possible career choice in each intelligences except for one. How do you think individual diversity and conflict management relate to teamwork?
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