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Week 5 DQ 5 - Copy - Week Five Discussion Questions...

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Week Five Discussion Questions · Mandatory DQ: Complete the ethics exercises in Week Five on the student website. What did you learn about yourself from the exercises? Where do you think you are vulnerable in ethical decision making? How might you coach yourself into ethical decisions? I learned that I am better at making ethical decisions when it comes to financial responsibilities. I found that I was more vulnerable in the digital footprint in ethical decision making, but I think it had to deal with the matching of lens to the situation that I had problems with. I can ethically make a decision, but if I had to coach myself, I guess I would have to think a lot harder and longer about the situation before making a decision. · Why do you think ethics are a concern in an academic or professional environment? How might you determine your personal ethics? I think that ethics are a concern in an academic or professional environment because if ethics wasn’t a concern, there would be cheating in academics by students and faculty. There would be dishonesty,
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