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Week 4 DQ #2 - JavaScript Practice Due Saturday, January 21 Hi class. This week we are learning about JavaScript. I would like for you to use the EchoEcho.com tutorials to learn how to incorporate JavaScript within a Web page. You are to pick 3 different tutorials from EchoEcho.com and try to incorporate them into your Web pages. Publish your work to the server. Add links to your Home page to each of the JavaScript exercises. Post the URL to your site under the appropriate thread in our Main classroom by Saturday and answer the following questions: How can JavaScript be used to enhance a Website? What challenges did you experience with the exercises? Here is the link to the EchoEcho tutorials: http://echoecho.com/javascript0.htm You can view some examples that I have done by visiting
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Unformatted text preview: http://www.web420.net/teacher Post any questions you have under the week 4 Q&A thread. http://crystal.web410.net/Week4/newHP.html JavaScript can be used to enhance a website by adding certain features like the mouse over feature where the user puts the mouse over a button or image and the button or image changes. You can even add a drop menu or a pop up that says a message when the user goes to the site. For my website, I added a pop up message, a mouse over button and a drop menu. The challenges I experienced with this exercise was trying to figure out what I wanted to put on my site. I tried doing the multilink page, but when I went to the page the only thing that showed up was the title. So I really don’t know what I did wrong....
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