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Week 2 DQ 1 - enough so that the viewers will want to keep...

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Week 2 DQ #1 Due Thursday, February 9 According to the Korgaonkar, O’Leary, and Silverblatt (2009) article, eight design factors have been found to help attract and retain site visitors. - What two of the factors do you believe could be added to the site you are building for this class? Explain. - How would they be incorporated into your class site, either now or in the future? - Do you think they would be effective in attracting new or repeat visitors to your site? Explain why or why not. Your response should be substantive in nature (minimum 150 words) and includes references from the article, and, at least one link to an online source that supports your response. Read and respond to at least 2 of your classmates' posts during the week. The two of the factors I believe could be added to the site I am building for this class are entertainment and visual appeal and reliability. Since the person I am creating my site on is a person that is just getting started in the music industry I want the website to be entertaining
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Unformatted text preview: enough so that the viewers will want to keep looking at it and understand what it is about. I would like to have pictures, videos, and songs on her site so people can see how talented she is. I say personalization as well because I want my site not to have any problems and if there are, I want the users to be able to contact me to let me know about it so I can fix it right away. I also want to be able to make sure that if the user wants to purchase a song of hers they can o it without any problems. They would be incorporated into my class site either not or in the future to make sure that users remain entertained with it and would like to come back to it with the ease of mind that there are no problems with the site. I think that it would be effective in attracting new or repeat visitors to my site because if it’s entertaining and looks good enough people will want to come back and tell other people about it. ....
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