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Week 3 DQ #2 - HTML Practice - Using Tables and Embedding Movies in your Web Page Due Saturday, February 18 This week you will practice creating tables with HTML and embedding a video from YouTube. Please read this entire post and let me know if you don't understand the instructions. Both of these tasks are very easy, and this exercise will help you complete the requirements for your Individual Assignment. First - you will create a new Web page with Notepad and add a table and insert some images and text in the table. Try and make one of the images link to an external website. Here is a link to a tutorial that will help you: http://www.htmliseasy.com/exercises/part06.html Next, on the same Web page with your table, you will embed a YouTube video under your Table. I want you to search YouTube and pick a video that shows some type of HTML tips. There are plenty of them out there. Once you find the video - there will be a SHARE button and then you can click on the EMBED button - it will give you the code to
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