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Week 5 DQ 2 - Week 5 DQ#2 Response Share the link to your...

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Week 5 DQ #2 Response Share the link to your Individual Website with the Class Due Saturday, March 3 Note: This week you will be sharing your final individual website with the class. If you have not done so, publish your individual website to the server and test your links to make sure that they are working properly and that all of your images are showing up, etc. Let me know if you have any questions. Finalize your website for your Individual Assignment and publish it to your folder on the Web server. Post a link to your final Individual Assignment under Week 5 DQ #2 thread. Summarize your overall experience regarding your learning process and challenges you faced as well as lessons learned. Your post should be substantive - 150 words minimum. Share tips and links to sources you found helpful over the past 5 weeks. Your response should be substantive in nature (minimum 150 words) and includes references from sources that you have found helpful from our text, articles, and online sources.
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