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Week 2 DQ 1 - project • Different program modules can be...

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To make a modular approach to programming means identify “the tasks and various subtasks involved in the program design is called modular programming” (Venit & Drake, 2011, " Chapter 1: An Introduction to Programming "). Modular programming is a program design method that increases the level to which program is made up of separate, exchangeable components called modules by breaking down program functions into modules, each of which accomplishes one function and contains everything necessary to accomplish this. The approach is important because of the these benefits: “The program is easier to read. This in turn, reduces the time needed to locate errors in a program or make modifications to it. It’s easier to design, code, and test the program one module at a time rather than all at once. This increases the productivity of the programmer or programmers involved in a
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Unformatted text preview: project. • Different program modules can be designed and/or coded by different programmers. This feature is essential when creating large, complex programs. • In some cases a single module can be used in more than one place in the program. This reduces the amount of code in the program. • Modules performing common programming tasks (such as sorting data in order) can be used in more than one program. Creating a library of such modules reduces design, coding, and testing time” (Venit & Drake, 2011, " Chapter 1: An Introduction to Programming"(Venit & Drake, 2011, " Chapter 1: An Introduction to Programming "). Reference: Venit, S., & Drake, E. (2011). Prelude to Programming. Concepts and Design (5th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database....
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