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Title: Socially Challenged Author(s): Michael Healey Source: InformationWeek. .1280 (Sept. 27, 2010): p14. From General OneFile . Document Type: Article Full Text: All rights reserved. No part of this information may be reproduced, republished or redistributed without the prior written consent of CMP Media, Inc. Full Text: Byline: Michael Healey IT's under pressure to deliver Facebook-like social networking inside companies. Yet the biggest worry is getting employees to use it. What's going on? When it comes to using social networking inside businesses, we're at an odd place in time. There's incredible pressure on IT teams to deliver Facebook-like collaboration tools. A whopping 89% of respondents to our 2010 Social Networking in the Enterprise Survey say their companies are using some type of social networking, whether it's blogs, wikis, discussion forums, or full-blown enterprise social network systems. Yet despite this clamor, the No. 1 problem is getting employees to use enterprise social networks. What? Weren't we told that this "younger generation" couldn't live without social tools? Only 10% of respondents to our survey consider their internal social networking initiatives a great success. We have some suggestions for the other 90%. The main thing is for their IT teams to step into this confusion and lead, and we offer an outline on how to do that. We dug into why employees aren't adopting IT-supplied social networking systems, and we found some big gaps: They aren't connected to e-mail and other apps, and it's too hard to bring information from the Web into these internal social networks. Meantime, companies aren't even monitoring what people do on these platforms. IT can help in more strategic ways as well. Only 8% of companies approach their social networking initiatives with a coordinated team from multiple disciplines (most efforts are led by marketing). Companies are shockingly complacent in setting rules and issuing guidance on how employees should use social media--barely a quarter of our survey respondents' companies even have a policy on what to do when employees make inappropriate comments online. Just 14% of respondents have a plan for customer complaints found on Facebook. IT is well positioned to spot where their colleagues are working without a net, and offer solutions. What follows is an outline of steps IT should take to drive this vital next generation of collaboration. Done right, enterprise social networking will introduce new work concepts and boost productivity. Done wrong, you'll squander an opportunity to help teams who want to collaborate more, and you'll end up burning money on yet another project that's ignored by users. Why Aren't We Succeeding?
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Socially Challenged - Copy - Title: Socially Challenged...

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