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Week 5 Discussion Questions - Copy - rest of my education....

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1. How has the internet helped your education? The internet has helped my education in many ways. It has made researching a lot easier because when I was younger any research that I had to do would consist of going to the library and reading a bunch of books to get the information that I needed. The internet makes it easier because I just have to run a search and will be able to find the information on different webpages rather than a bunch of books. 2 How can you use the information discussed over the last 5 weeks to enhance your career? I can use the information that we discussed over the last 5 weeks as a stepping stone to enhance my career. All the information that I learned will really help my career in this field as well as the
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Unformatted text preview: rest of my education. I could use the information about managers to enhance my career as well. There was a lot of information that we discussed that has the possibility of enhancing my career, but at the moment I cant think of them all because I dont know what Im going to do in my career yet. 3. What are your thoughts about this class? This class is very informative and yet entertaining. I liked it. There were some hard parts to it, but there has not been a class that I have been in that was entirely easy. Also that fact that its accelerated, but I learned a lot....
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