NS 115 art. ana. #3 - Peyrebrune et al. conducted a study...

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Peyrebrune et al. conducted a study with the purpose being to examine the effects of oral creatine supplementation on training for competition in 20 elite swimmers (12 men and 8 women) . Subjects performed a maximal sprint test prior to the testing to determine their respective times. All subjects were provided with 20 premeasured supplement packets (5 g creatine + 5 g glucose) and instructed to mix the powder in hot water and cordial for immediate consumption at 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, and 18:00 h for each of the 5 days during the loading supplementation period. After 5 days, the subjects tested again. Immediately following test two, subjects were assigned (using a double-blind protocol) to either a creatine (3 g creatine + 7 g glucose/day) or placebo (10 g glucose/day) group. Subjects consumed one packet per day at 12:00 every day for a period of 22-27 wk. Total intake of creatine by the creatine group over this period was 546 g. Subjects were given a 1-wk supply of packets clearly labeled and a checklist grid to complete after taking each packet. This compliance grid was checked by the researchers on a weekly basis, along with
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NS 115 art. ana. #3 - Peyrebrune et al. conducted a study...

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