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CSE 721 Winter 2011 Homework 1 Due 9:00am, Tuesday, 1/18/2011 (submit via Carmen) 1. (10 points) Problem 2.3 from text 2. (20 points) Problem 2.10 from text 3. (15 points) Problem 2.11 from text 4. (15 points) Consider an Omega network with P = 2 p inputs and outputs. Are the following permutations is non-blocking? Clearly explain why. (a) Input i connects to Output ( i + P/ 2) modP (b) Bit-reversal: Input I p - 1 I p - 2 ...I 2 I 1 I 0 connects to Output I 0 I 1 ...I
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Unformatted text preview: p-2 I p-1 Hint: If you find it difficult to reason about arbitrary p , consider the case of 8 in-puts/outputs and then attempt to generalize. 5. (20 points) Problem 2.26 from text 6. (20 points) Problem 2.27 from text Please upload a pdf or doc file on Carmen dropbox for HW1. The assignnment does not have to be typed up; a single pdf file of scanned handwritten pages is OK....
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