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CSE 721 Winter 2011 Term Project Due 3/15/2011 For the term project, please identify a topic in one of the following four classes. Comparative performance study of two (or more if you wish) systems, using a num- ber of benchmark kernels and/or applications. Suitable performance tools must be used to gather performance data; performance bottlenecks must be identified for the benchmarks, based on gathered performance data. Comparative study of alternate algorithms for the same problem(s), on one or more architectures. Again relative performance trends and bottlenecks must be identified using performance data. There are some similarities to the previous case in the ob- jectives for this type of project; the main difference is that the focus is on comparing the trade-offs for alternate algorithmic formulations from an architecture/performance perspective. For example, you might compare radix versus quick sort or direct versus iterative linear system solvers, etc. Comparative performance study of two parallel programming models, at least one not
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Unformatted text preview: being covered in 621 or 721, using a number of benchmarks. A study of communication complexity of algorithms: study of the literature and de-velopment of theoretical complexity measure for an algorithm without a currently published result. 1. Project Identication (Due 2/14) : Identify your project topic. Submit a title and abstract via Carmen. No two students may undertake the same project; rst-come rst-serve in case of conicts. . 2. Interim Status Report (Due 2/25) : Brief (1-2 page) summary of progress to date, and plan for remainder of work. I will meet with each of you to discuss the project. 3. Final Written Report and Presentation (Due 3/15) : A written report and a 20 minute oral presentation are required. Although not required, if appropriate, a demo is highly recommended. I will schedule presentations (and demo, if applicable) during exams week....
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