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Big Business - were able to increase their profits and make...

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TJ Malgieri American Economic Development 6 December 2007 Big Business Throughout the turn of the century, the rise of big business increased for many reasons.  One reason big business increased was that there were many entrepreneurs took over and  began opening a business.  They slowly started taking over every part to their business and in  return their companies became monopolies.  Many of the monopolies made agreements with  other monopolies.  They would agree to trade to each other and sell to each other.  In return to  this action, it cut out small businesses.  The major big business groups who were making trusts 
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Unformatted text preview: were able to increase their profits and make them larger. The antitrust movement was put in effect to try to limit big business. They tried to limit bus business because big business was cutting out competition which is not good for economy. The antirust movement tried to get rid of big business corruption and add competition into the economy. At the time that the antitrust movement was implemented, it was not effective. It was not until later that the antitrust movement took effect and helped take big business down....
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