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PC2 - Question 1 In most companies marketing resource...

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Question 1 In most companies, marketing resource allocation decisions are made at the SBU or ___________ level of the firm. Answer Selected Answer: product line Question 2 Firms achieve ___________ through efficient procedures and excellent supply chain management. Answer Selected Answer: Question 3 Every year, General Mills issues a report discussing how the firm has performed against its own standards of ethical conduct. This report is part of General Mill's _____________
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phase of their strategic marketing planning process. Answer Selected Answer: c. control Question 4 Stakeholders demand a number of ethical actions from companies, but the same stakeholders are not expected to hold to the same kinds of responsibilities toward the firm. Answer Selected Answer: b. False Question 5 Rock-Bend Company is facing a difficult ethical issue in choosing whether to buy- out a competing firm and closing most of the competing firm's factories.
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