Test 1 review - TEST 1 REVIEW Wednesday Feb 17 112 Greg...

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1 TEST 1 REVIEW Wednesday Feb. 17 112 Greg Hall 9:00 A.M. CHAPTER 1 Integrated brand promotion- process of using a wide range of promotional tools working together to create widespread brand exposure Advertisement- the specific message someone or some organization has placed to persuade an audience Advertising campaign- a series of coordinated advertisements that communicate a reasonably cohesive and integrated theme Audiences for advertising Audience- a group of individuals who receive and interpret messages sent from companies (household consumers, college students, or business people – any large group) Target audience- particular group of consumers singled out by an organization for an advertising or promotion campaign; singled out because the firm has discovered that audience members like or might like the product category Audience categories- Household consumers- most conspicuous; most mass media directed to them Members of business organizations- for firms that produce business and industrial goods and services Members of a trade channel- retailers, wholesalers, and distributors; target audience for producers for both household and business goods and services Professionals- doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, or any other professional group that has special training or certification; members have specialized needs and interests Trade journals- magazines published specifically for members of a trade and carry highly technical articles Gov. officials & employees- large dollar volume of buying that federal, state, and local govs. do (schools, road maintenance operations…) Audience geography- Global advertising- ad is used worldwide with only minor changes (Sony, Singapore Airlines…); does not vary by culture International advertising- firms prepare and place different advertising in different national markets outside their home market (Unilever laundry products) National advertising- reaches all geographic areas of one nation; we see the most in mass media in domestic U.S. market Regional advertising- producers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers concentrate efforts in relatively large, but not national, geographic region (a national grocery store would only place ads in regions where it has stores) Local advertising- like regional; directed at audience in a single trading area, either a city or state Cooperative advertising- sharing of advertising expenses between national companies and local merchants Advertising as a business process Role of Advertising in Marketing Mix-
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2 Marketing- the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives Marketing mix- a wide range of responsibilities in an organization related to conceiving, pricing, promotion, and distributing goods, services, and even ideas. These four areas of responsibility and decision making in marketing are referred to as the marketing mix. Mix
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Test 1 review - TEST 1 REVIEW Wednesday Feb 17 112 Greg...

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