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informative speech - religion they were originally launched...

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I. Introduction A. War Has been a powerful factor in civilizations since the dawn of time. It can determine the strength or weekness of a nation. It can also, determine a moral nation from a non moral nation. It can be for good reasons or bad reasons, and most of the reasons are arguable depending on which side a person is on to whether the reasons are just or not. B. THESIS: All wars have started due to one or more of the following reasons: Economic, Ideological, and or Power. II. Reasons For War A. Economic 1. Winners of Wars experience new technological acheivement, and can shape financial institutions. 2. During the Depression in the 1930 the united states achieved a huge growth in their economy due to the world wars. a. Less unemployment 1. Soldiers 2. More Jobs due to production of war supplies b. technology B.Religious 1. Religion is one of the main reasons for war. 2. Spreading Religion The crusades from the 11th to 13th centuries are an example of a war to spread
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Unformatted text preview: religion. they were originally launched to take Jerusalem from the muslims, but then continued on in the attempt supposedly to spread christianity to other nations 3. Different Religious Beliefs Other times one Nation just thinks another nations beleifs are wrong, so war is declared. The Jihad who followed the profit Mohammed would wage war on other muslim societies to try and make them believe in Islam. C. Power/ Pride 1. Many wars are also fought because of power or pride. a. A ruler could want to expand his empire 2. In the Greco-Persian wars. the primary reason for the wars were to expand the greek empire. which would make them more powerful II. Conclustion To Sum it all up The three main reasons for war are Economics, Religion and Power. War can increase a nations economy, spread a nations religion, and expand a nations power. Thank you....
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