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Bibliography - "REMsleep" SFD Shift work disorder...

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1 Dr. Allen WRI 1100 20 April 2010 Bibliography Flom, Alexander. (2007) An American Academy of Sleep Medicine Review: Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders: Part I, Basic Principles, Shift Work and Jet Lag Disorders. PDF, 24 pages. "Learning Centre." Sleep . The Medicine Review. Retrieved 31 July 2008, from http:// bioweb.usc.edu/courses/2003-spring/documents/bisc230-lab_sleep
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Unformatted text preview: "REMsleep" SFD . Shift work disorder education. Retrieved 13 Aug. 2009, from http://www.shiftworkdisorder.com/shift-work-disorder-could-be-cause-of-miliary-accidents-10381.html "Sleep Channel." Shift-work . Public Broadcasting. Retrieved 1 Aug. 2009, from http://www.sleepdisorderchannel.com/stages...
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