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If Paraphrase - Push yourself as hard as you can and test...

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Paraphrase Keep your composure when the people around you lose control and blame their problems on you. Believe in yourself when others tell you otherwise, but take what you can from their advice. Be able to wait for a long time and not give up because of the time it takes. Do not let lies about you bother you, and do not fight them with lying yourself. If people hate you, do not hate them, no matter what image of yourself is presented. Have dreams but do not let them consume your reality, and be thoughtful, but also put your thoughts into action. Meet success and failure with the same attitude, and let neither change who you are. Deal with the way people misinterpret the things you say and do. Devote your life to something and if failure comes, start over again. Risk everything you’ve accomplished in effort to achieve more, and if you fail, start over again without complaining.
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Unformatted text preview: Push yourself as hard as you can and test your will. Be able to talk with anyone, but in doing so, do not act without class. Talk with great people, but do not let yourself think you are better than others. Do not let either your friends or enemies hurt you. Allow people to depend on you, but only to a certain extent. Work as hard as you can with the time you are given. If you can do all of these things, you will can do anything and you will be a great person. Interpretation This poem is meant to be inspirational, and intended to advise people on handling difficulties in my opinion. In addition, it advises people on how to have character when things are going their way. This poem I believe particularly pertains to athletes because of the constant successes and failures that occur. Athletes who can keep their composure whether they win or lose are often the most respected....
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If Paraphrase - Push yourself as hard as you can and test...

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