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MGMT 302 / Ch.6 Quiz / Learning & Performance ____ 1. The behaviorist approach to learning assumes observable behavior is a function of: a. both the person and the environment b. external cues c. its consequences d. the interaction between the affect and cognit- ive components of an individual ____ 2. A form of operant conditioning that has been used successfully to shape organizational behavior is known as: a. job enrichment b. organization development c. employee empowerment d. organizational behavior modification ____ 3. A manager who reduces an employee's pay if the employee comes to work late and refrains from doing so when the employee is on time has: a. positively reinforced the employee's on time behavior b. negatively reinforced the employee's on time behavior c. utilized extinction to reduce the undesirable behavior d. none of these ____ 4. The schedule of reinforcement that provides the least impact or incentive for performing well is known as: a. fixed ratio b. variable ratio c. fixed interval d. variable interval ____ 5. If a random number of responses must be emitted before reinforcement occurs, it is a: a. fixed interval schedule b. fixed ratio schedule c. variable interval schedule d. variable ratio schedule ____ 6. Social learning theory is based on the belief that: a. learning occurs because of behavioral con- sequences b. learning occurs based on group norms c. learning is strongly connected to need based drives d. learning occurs through the observation of other people and the modeling of their be- havior ____ 7. The strongest way for an employee to develop self-efficacy is to: a. develop a strong internal source of control
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b. develop a high degree of self-monitoring c. pick easier tasks in order to become more suc- cessful d. succeed at a challenging task ____ 8. Intuitors, in terms of learning, prefer:
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Ch.6 Quiz - MGMT 302 / Ch.6 Quiz / Learning &...

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