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____ 1. The adverse psychological, physical, behavioral, and organizational consequence that may occur as a result of stressful events is known as: a. distress b. the stressor c. the stress response d. anxiety disorder ____ 2. Utilizing the cognitive appraisal approach to stress, problem-focused coping emphasizes: a. managing your response b. managing the stressor c. managing the set of role expectations such that there is a good person-situation fit d. managing the gap between your ego-ideal and real self-image ____ 3. The person-environment approach to stress emphasizes the: a. fit between external and internal role ex- pectations b. belief that effort will lead to performance c. notion that perception and cognitive evalu- ations of situations differ and accordingly stress is mostly determined by perception d. idea that the fit between a person's self-image or concept and their ideal generates large stress when there is lack of fit ____ 4. Which of the following statements is most accurate? a. The approach to stress will determine the stress response sequence. b. It is clear that perceptions lead to behavior, and consequently the stress response sequence is based on cognition that results in the release of chemical messengers. c. The stress response begins with the release of chemical messengers, primarily adren- aline, into the bloodstream. d. Researchers have not spent time characteriz- ing when the stress response begins but have rather focused on the results. ____ 5. Two of the most stressful demands people face at work are: a. change and heavy workload b. lack of control and heavy workload c. change and lack of control d. change and lack of clear direction ____ 6. Role conflict results from:
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a. lack of control
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Ch.7 Quiz - MGMT302 / Ch.7 Quiz / Stress & Well Being _...

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