Ch.11 Quiz - MGMT302 Ch.11 Quiz Power Politics 1 The...

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1. The legitimacy inherent in one's job is __________, whereas the ability to influence someone else is __________. a. power; authority b. influence; authority c . authority; power d. power; control 2. Enlarging an employee's zone of indifference is accomplished by: a. the use of authority b. the use of power c. the use of effective communication techniques d. eliminating cognitive dissonance 3. As a management trainee, you are assigned to a mentor and gain considerable insight into the nature of manage- ment and how to behave in different managerial situations. The relationship you have with the mentor is based on __________ power. a. reward b. legitimate c. referent d. expert 4. Which base of power has the strongest relationship with performance and satisfaction? a. legitimate b. referent c. expert d. reward 5. When a firm is preparing for bankruptcy, the accountants as a group may become unduly powerful because of: a. high centrality b. their nonsubstitutability c. operational knowledge of the firm d. their ability to better cope with change 6. The key element behind the factors used to explain power differences between groups based on the strategic con- tingency model is: a. interdependency b. synergy c. independence d. dependence 7. To use power ethically, a manager should examine the behavior by asking three questions regarding criterion out- comes of: a. procedural justice, utilitarian, and individual rights b. individual rights, utilitarian, and distributive justice c. distributive justice, utilitarian, and individual
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rights d. procedural justice, distributive justice, and in- dividual rights
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Ch.11 Quiz - MGMT302 Ch.11 Quiz Power Politics 1 The...

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