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1. An organization chart shows: a. formal lines of authority and supervisor-employee reporting relationships b. how many people are employed by an organization c. the tasks for each job d. the number of positions in each department 2. Complexity refers to: a. the number of activities, subunits, or subsystems within the organization b. the process of coordinating the different parts of an organization c. the number of employees in the organization d. the number of levels within the organization 3. Span of control defines: a. the number of organization levels b. vertical differentiation c. who reports to whom in the chain of command d. the number of employees a manager supervises 4. Which of the following can function as a vertical and horizontal integrating device? a. a well-defined chain of command b. cross-functional teams c. an assistant to the president d. management information systems 5. As an organization increases differentiation given increases in external complexity, it will need to increase efforts to: a. clarify roles b. train employees in communication c. develop teams d. improve and/or increase integration 6. The strongest method of horizontal integration is through: a. liaison roles b. a designated integrator c. task forces d. teams 7. The degree to which the organization has official rules, regulations, and procedures is called: a. standardization b. complexity c. formalization d. specialization 8. A tall hierarchy of authority is usually associated with: a. decentralization b. informal and unofficial work roles
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Ch.15 Quiz - MGMT 302 Ch.15 Quiz Answer Key 1 An...

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