Ch11 - Ch11 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best...

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Ch11 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. The legitimacy inherent in one's job is __________, whereas the ability to influence someone else is __________. a. power; authority b. influence; authority c. authority; power d. power; control 2. Enlarging an employee's zone of indifference is accomplished by: a. the use of authority b. the use of power c. the use of effective communication techniques d. eliminating cognitive dissonance 3. The range in which attempts to influence the employee are perceived as legitimate and are acted on without a great deal of thought is known as: a. the principal/agent relationship b. agency theory c. the zone of indifference d. congruency 4. As a management trainee, you are assigned to a mentor and gain considerable insight into the nature of management and how to behave in different managerial situations. The relationship you have with the mentor is based on __________ power. a. reward b. legitimate c. referent d. expert 5. Which base of power has the strongest relationship with performance and satisfaction? a. legitimate b. referent c. expert d. reward 6. According to the strategic contingency perspective, which one of the following factors is NOT a primary factor used to explain differences in power between departments? a. amount of formal authority given departments b. nonsubstitutability of the group's function c. degree of centrality d. ability to cope with uncertainty 7. An important aspect of a manager's exercise of reward power in the determination of employee salary increases is: a. individual rights
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b. utilitarian outcomes c. distributive justice d. procedural justice
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Ch11 - Ch11 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best...

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