ENGR100 TC2 - Little Toy Blue The Hill Group 1 Varsity...

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Unformatted text preview: Little Toy Blue The Hill Group 1 Varsity Drive Suite 1973 Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108 To: Alan Turing, Vice President for Toy Development From: Cici Lu, Educational Toy Engineer Subject: Research on Microprocessor based Educational Toys Date: 15 January 2012 Distribution: Kelly Rohan, Manager; Marketing team Foreword Little Toy Blue is preparing to develop a new line of microprocessor based educational toys. I was asked to research microprocessor-based educational toys that are available on the market to, first, see what I/O devices they use and, second, for ideas to improve and differentiate the companys toys. This document will describe my findings and suggestions of new ideas I may have to enhance an existing toys appeal or a completely new idea for an educational toy. Summary Little Toy Blue should invest in using inter-device communications and having a variety of colors of the product. I was able to travel to a small toys store in Chelsea, MI and looked at Toys R Us online catalog to get a sense of what is popular on the market and what types of I/O devices those toys have. In the most of the toys I saw, the majority of them had buttons, a screen, a speaker, and some type of inter-device communication. The more interesting toys had all of the I/O devices stated some type of inter-device communication....
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This note was uploaded on 03/03/2012 for the course ENGR 100-250 taught by Professor Peterchen during the Winter '12 term at University of Michigan.

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ENGR100 TC2 - Little Toy Blue The Hill Group 1 Varsity...

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