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Little Toy Blue The Hill Group Suite 1973 1 Varsity Drive, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 To: Nikola Tesla, Vice President for Innovation From: Cici Lu, Educational Toy Engineer Subject: Allegro Piano, Crescendo your Musical Ability Date: 13 February 2012 Distribution: Kelly Rohan, Manager ABSTRACT Allegro Piano, Crescendo your Musical Ability (Allegro Piano) is a microprocessor-based electric piano that will teach the customer how to play the piano. This device has different I/O devices—such as a speaker and piano keys that light up—that will allow interesting and fun interaction with the child. Allegro Piano has a screen that will display sheet music and different functions such as test and teach mode that will help teach the customer. With the electrical and computer ability of my team, Allegro Piano, if chosen, will be ready for demonstration by 12 April 2012. 1 INTRODUCTION Little Toy Blue wants to create a microprocessor-based, educational toy that the company can develop and produce. The toy must use the E100 processor and DE2 development board. Instructions should run at 100 MHz and can store 16384 16-bit words in memory. This proposal is in a memo format that will describe Allegro Piano, Crescendo you Musical Ability (Allegro Piano) features in relation to how it addresses Little Toy Blue’s needs. Allegro Piano is exactly what the company is looking for because it is interesting and interactive with the customer, as well as educational and microprocessor-based. 2 DESCRIPTION The purpose of this section is to discuss Allegro Piano’s appearance, I/O devices, functionality, and how it meets the constraints and criteria. 2.1 Appearance To increase credibility of the toy, Allegro Piano, Crescendo your Musical Ability (Allegro Piano, Figure 1) will have 88 keys and a harder touch weight on the keys, resembling a grand piano. It will also be 6 inches wide to increase portability, like an electronic piano. Since Allegro Piano will not be able to stand at the proper 3 feet 4 inches of a grand piano, it will include a collapsible stand will be able to hold the piano at the proper height. The body of the piano and the stand will come in a variety of colors such as black, purple, blue, or pink. However, the keys on the piano will remain black and white, and will light up red when it should be pressed. Allegro Piano will also include a black collapsible and adjustable bench so customer may play
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Engr100 TC3 - Little Toy Blue The Hill Group Suite 1973 1...

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