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David Willmore Lundy - Period 05 11 September, 2010 Questions to Consider: Chapter 1: America Before Columbus Questions to Consider: 1. What kinds of Indian cultures existed in the New World before the arrival of Columbus? Were they homogenous or diverse? In what way? Describe some of the Indian communities discussed in the article. How did these cultures and communities compare with Europe? 2. What did the European settlers in South and North America generally think of the Indians and their cultures? Why? How did Europeans and Indians misunderstand each other and treat each other at their meetings? 3. Describe some basic principles of Indian religions. What was the Indian’s relationship with the land, forests, and animals? 4. Why does this article put particular stress on Columbus’ second voyage? What is meant by the “Columbian Exchange”? What was exchanged? Among what people? What parts of the globe were affected? With what consequences, good and bad? 5. How have the land and the animals in North America changed since the Europeans
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51938492-Chapter-1-America-Before-Columbus - Willmore 1...

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