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David Willmore AP US - Pd. 5 3 January 2011 The Conquest of the Far West Chapter 16 Chapter Summary: Far from being empty and unknown, significant parts of what would become the western United States were populated by Indians and Mexicans long before the post-Civil War boom in Anglo- European settlement. Even after the waves of white occupation and in face of significant prejudice from those whites, large numbers of Mexicans and Asian Americans continued to live in the West. White settlement developed in initial boom and decline patterns in the three industries that would do much to shape the region in the long run: mining, ranching, and commercial agriculture. Asians, Mexicans, and African Americans provided much of the labor force for these industries. In the late nineteenth century, the South and West were underdeveloped regions with an almost colonial relationship to the industrial, heavily populated Northeast and Midwest. Except for a few pockets in the far West, in 1860 the frontier line of
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51939182-Chapter-16-Conquest-of-the-Far-West - Willmore 1...

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