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Reading Assignment 3- Yellow Woman

Reading Assignment 3- Yellow Woman - READINGS ASSIGNMENT...

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READINGS ASSIGNMENT Your Name: Deepak Sela Title of text: Yellow Woman Author(s) of text: Leslie Marmon Silko Date published/Country: 1974 Social/historical context: what is happening in author’s life, society and time period? (connect to text) Silko herself was born in the area where this story takes place. It is a Native American Reserve where the author considers is her whole life. Genre: Myth Narrative and Tone: wooly Character(s): Silva, Yellow woman Plot and Setting: The narrator meets a man on the bank of the river, and then he “lures” her into his house on top of the mountain. He refers to her as “yellow woman”, saying that their story will be told in the future. It is set in the Navajo territory in New Mexico. There is a river and hills and tribes. Motifs and Symbolism: Yellow woman – a woman who goes off with the whirlwind man, leaving her friends and family. She then comes back years later and this tale is told. There is a Co-existence of humans and spirits in the land. Main idea(s): (1) Woman leaves with a man she just met leaving her family and baby.
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